What is the Future of JavaScript in 2022?

About javaScript and what it is?

It is a scripting language that interacts which is embedded on HTML pages and interpreted through programming language that consists of lines with executable computer code.

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Does javascript have a future?

JavaScript has created java and python development grows in other frameworks in API-driven web applications, which have c coding that compiles web assembly processes in future with assembly in javascript through intensive tasks has several languages which transpire in JavaScript.

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About JavaScript and Python

These software development languages have been developed through the mobile application, which attributes web development through coding languages like Python, Java, and JavaScript are commonly used as programming languages.

However, the popularity of Python has been raised by leaps and bounds in languages such as Java, C#, PHP, and C++.

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Python rising

This has been growing through recent years that have built strong in popularity which attributes to more intuition through human communication.


This Python involves a Python interpreter written in JavaScript. Py and C Python replace languages that are frontend with the interpretation of code with the execution of the process gets slower.


This technology has developed a JavaScript runtime environment that executes codes on the server-side which evolved into advanced backend technology depending on simple to learn.

Python has some smaller projects, that run faster, and offers scalability which suites for a wide range of project computations, web development solutions, and network programming which is easy to learn, and awesome for error handling.

About Javascript works in animation


This lightweight animation works through a single API, where animation HTML, CSS, JS, SVG, and DOM attributes a built-in staggering system that can create ripples, through directional movements, which follow through overlapping effects that appear simple.

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Three.js top is JavaScript animation depends on WebGL to create 3D animations in a browser which helps in the past learning curve that cannot be accomplished in the editor through the scene that has geometrical figures and adjusting the light and camera with material, texture, object, color.




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