The Art of Motion Graphics

About motion graphics and what it is?

Motion graphics is a type of graphics that creates some illusion of motion, transformation, or rotation through messages, video, audio storytelling films like videos, animated text, and web-based animation, that improves technology.

John Whitney is the founder of motion graphics in 1960 and created motion pictures and television through title sequences.

Creation of motion graphics

Some motion graphics lead to creating text and animated images which can be called 2D and 3D

It tells a Story to script – This graphic starts with a storyboard with stories used in the script which ranges from 30 sec to 3 min with detailed dialog and direction with the on-screen text through the sound option.

It also has a voice-over option on the screen in which the artist reads the information present on the screen through visualization which combines the data compelling with graphics through text.

The Storyboard has given the visual treatment – This design produces by the production team includes a scriptwriter, storyboard out frames in whiteboard with the final script you can start and sketch the ideas of the script to life.

These Storyboards create the design – These visuals create style and color which works on simple design choices through storyboards that produce a team.

Animate the final designs – This animation comes through style when communicates through the story and other elements which narrate the tone of the story with sound effects.

Skills for motion graphics designers

3-D modeling – These graphics are based on 3-D modeling, space, a line that connects points, and polygons come from working programs.

Texturing and lighting effects – Some shapes and images look photo-realistic, transparent, translucent, rough, or refractive with moving images.

The Animation used in motion graphics

Whiteboard Animation – Whiteboard animation is the process that can be drawn physically which can make the records illustrated by the story using its surface like marker pens.

Text Animation – This creates letters and words that move in some fashion, in the area by following a pattern of motion.



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