The Gold Standard for Training and e-Learning

About Gold Standard and what it is?

These Gold Standards have some projects which are focused on students’ through key knowledge that understands and get their success and skills.

Seven Essential Project Design Elements

A challenging problem or question

Some problems can be solved through questions with an appropriate level of challenge.

Sustained Inquiry

During the extended process of posing some questions, which can find kind different kind of resources, that applies through information.


This project involves some real-world context, tasks, and tools, with good quality standards, or the project that speaks to personal concerns, interests, and issues.

Student Voice & Choice

Students make some decisions about the project which includes work, creating, and expressing their ideas in their voices.


Some students reflect on learning, and effectiveness through inquiry and project activities, through the quality of student work, and obstacles that arise for the betterment of upcoming.

Critique & Revision

Students give, receive, and apply feedback to improve their process and their products.


Public Product

Students make their project work public by sharing and explaining or presenting it to people beyond the classroom.


About Training

Some skills are required to perform an industry job role and provide a sound basis for workforce development. By adopting the Gold Standard Framework, some employers can be confident in their skills that have been benchmarked to national and industry-led standards.


When it comes to e-Learning, it is considered an effort on improving the learning culture of the organization to adapt the champion Learning culture, design, and positive success stories which are used to increase and enhance learners’ interest.

Gold Standard is used in Animation

Source: Youtube

Some highly anticipated films have features that seem by storm through true formulas by predicting stars by unknown to sequels by plots, through action movies, visual effects, dramatic stories, with real-life tales.

The visual Effect

Some highly anticipated films like Superheroes, Iron Man 3, Man of steel, Wolverine the Dark Gravity hit theaters, through the storm by filmmaking is sophisticated in storytellers.



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