What is the Concept of Art?

About Concept Art and what it is?

The concept artist is a designer that visualizes & creates art with characters, creatures, and environments, with creative assets that are used by animators, who can create the ideas.

About the types of Concept Art

Environment Concept Art

The term environmental art connects with the natural concept that involves historic earth/Land that accepts in the field of ecological art.

Character Concept Art

This creation creates the style and artwork which has been built through character design when the artist needs to capture the concept of creation and artwork.

Weapon and Asset Design

These create weapons in the digital concept that is focused on the creation which is used by the character sequence which is supposed to create the world.

Vehicle Design

This artist creates the programs and tools that are required some traditionally called car or aircraft design.

Props Design

Some digital artists have different angles where 3-dimensional projections have extreme in challenging and calculating which is well-experienced that have reviewed the choices and approaches when it comes to designing.

About the technical process used in creating Concept Art

The Briefing

Some animation has cartoon character whereas 3D artists have used photographs and concept artist that has a visual aspect where the cartoon projects need to be designed by the project which is based on visual style.

The Thumbnails

Some concepts use simple artists where different types of shapes can be created in small designs where the art director has some thumbnails during this stage of their process.


These designs create the character by drawing and defining the character’s face, and clothing through thumbnails, that is very common for a concept artist to develop several types of sketches or quick paintings that are used for clothing.

Final Design

This artist defines the main characteristics of the asset which is necessary to create and understand the rendition so that the artist charges in creating the final asset.

About  the software used for Concept Art

Best concept art tools

Digital drawings allow a design that imports textures and patterns that punch some concepts.


Photoshop is the concept art where some photographs create and give scratches in a wide range which can create texture maps in 3D models, which makes it more flexible.


These traditional media have some images and artists where the concept artists use some pain over the photoshop, which has a lot of ideas on the learning curve.

Sketchbook Pro

2D photoshop and painter, are less expensive than the small frequently that are used in sketchbook pro which have similar tools and can do at the same time with different things.


Some 3D modeling and animation have game features that have a learning curve which can steep in a good tool that has used a toolbox like concept art that utilizes the 3D modeling capabilities.

3DS Max Design

This industry has 3D modeling where primary games, 3ds Max, and design are used to create the models and environments which is easily used in-game industry, with 3ds max design that has highly recommended.


This software is used in Maya and 3ds Max Design were some powerful tool has optimized by creating games, that leads to the film where some products are widely used in Maya.


Some sculpting program works in the traditional way where billions of polygons can create in incredible models whereas ZBrush is the greatest art of designs that can be easily imported into another program for animating and rendering.

About the uses of Concept Art

Create some concepts in images

Some concept artists will draw the images that appear on different mediums like video games, and audio.

Design Spec Sheets

This design specifies the sheets and uses the dimensions and calculation as an artist and animation.

Drawing the work

These can draw with a lot of artwork such as characters and landscapes that are applied.

About the examples of Concept Art

Some paintings led to the development of the elements were some different types of characters in concept art which is focused on characters in the entire world.




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