What is 2D Drawing?

About 2D Drawing and what it is?

2D Drawing is also called a two-dimensional element which allows for creating or modifying through drawing view without making any changes through assembly document.

About the types of 2D Drawing

The two main types of drawings:

Some drawings that can be done without instruments are called sketches whereas other drawings that can be used without instruments are called final drawings.

Sketch Drawing

Some sketches can be drawn in a 2D view that creates files that can be chosen that depend on the templates and create a new file in 2D.

Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/Pf_gp0IPZ5k

Final Drawing

This drawing gives respect to liquidity, through borrowing which is available under the facility of provisions.

About the technical process used in creating 2D Drawing

This is created on a flat base that has height and width, which includes drawing, printmaking, painting, and photography.


Some basics that are drawn by artists are used for designing on walls paper in common sketchbooks that have manufactured through handmade by using daily bases like papers, pencil, pen and ink, charcoal, crayon, and felt-tip pens.

Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/6-cxfA4MKpk


This refers to two-dimensional processes that produce multiple artworks which include prints, lithographs, or printing plates that are created by artists which are created by wood, that is made of synthetic material, with some tools, like woodcarving.

Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/Ydnv0yhw89A


This includes some media that are used in three different types of pigments, binders, and solvents finely ground materials which include clay, gemstones, and insect materials.

Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/HEEvYhNzpEo


This was started in 1850, and it became popular through the development that impacts art through some painters to compete in realistic art.

About the software used for 2D Drawing

AutoCAD is the software where designers create some drawings through computer-aided design or CAD that modifies the design and efficiency through quality, and documentation, and manipulates the database through manufacturing.

Some features of drafting and drawing software are:

Libre Cad

This is the open software that runs on many operating systems which builds through graphic designers, drawing, and other equipment whose forms are readable in file formats.


This is designed by Ribbon soft which works on multiple OS and creates the 2D models which feature in 2D designs that are used mostly in architecture, designing, and mechanics that share 2D circuit design.

Nano Cad

It is the software that is very fast and simple that produces some files of the user that can create drawing design through constructing and editing in technical drawings which have an operating system that helps to establish a user-friendly drawing interface.

Solid Edge with 3D designs

Some software that is manufactured by Siemens has 3D designs, which provide innovation that motivates design by using synchronous technology and helps in designing faster and sharper in 3d modeling which provides functional mobile design and collaboration.

Auto Cad

This software has developed in 1982 and is used for architecture and manufacturing of blueprints that are released on computers which are released on mobile versions and web versions.

About the uses of 2D Drawing

Some 2D-dimensional images require the products that are used for manufacturing in mechanical drawings, electrical engineering projects, video games, animation, clothing construction, and architecture.

Some model-based definition is not universally adopted

This is a cool concept where technologies can be adopted through both ends that is very effective and designed for the manufacturer which is based on design to access the model.

Printed 2D Drawings are easy and portable to share

Some printed papers are identified through tolerance which has simple that can be implemented through model-based dimensions which have a temporary solution through the 3D model.

It is easier to make notes on 2D drawing

Some production lines have ideas on brainwave which is used in computers, and CAD sketch on 2D drawing which has some idea in their mind that is used for inspiration, which can be communicated through 2D drawing.

Words are better than models

Some words that tell the story of 2D drawings with their dimensions were graphic novels dialogue, labels, and sounds which are necessary to move the story that has developed the information.

About the samples of 2d Drawing

Some shapes can be laid on paper which has 2D shapes that can be drawn by using basic shapes like rectangles, octagons, and hearts.




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