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About Instructional Design and what it is?

This Instructional design refers to the e-learning process implemented through online courses, instructional manuals, video tutorials, and learning simulations, which are used as a planning process.

Some instructional designers have three main components ensuring learning objectives, learning activities, and assessments which are called the “Magic Triangle” of learning.


About the purpose of instructional Design

These instructional designers made learning easier and quicker that provides through the intended for pupils in educational organizations.


Importance of Instructional Design

There are 3 types of design that affect trainers in developing creativity and experience.


1 Makes learning efficient

This information leads to an effect in learning that incorporates into day-to-day life.

2 It engages to learn

The effect of communication internalizes the information to reframe the steps of activity that explore and learn.

3 Impacts on the bottom line

These developers create an interactive approach that processes, learning in the environment.

About e-learning training suggestions

Some e-learning skills have been learned in 4 different types where the training can be learned and delivered.


1 Employee Training

These trainers hire employees efficiently compared to traditional training, where effects encourage development by promoting the knowledge.

2 Compliance Training

These organizations apply to the employees and their role in the industry, which helps the program to risk non-compliance and maintains its reputation.   

3 Customer Training

These programs and products have raised their software and training organizations that have experienced better engagement of products and their services that have improved through customer retention.

4 Partner Training

These products are trained through a successful network such as information, training, sales training, support, training, and marketing guidance, which presents through support costs, and scale growth.



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