What is Digital Painting?

About Digital Paintings and what it is?

Digital painting is also called traditional painting where watercolor and oils are applied using digital tools through computer graphics and tablet, which is used as software.

This was first Displayed and created in 1987 by Thomas Knoll at the University of Michigan.

About the types of Digital Painting

2D Digital Painting

This is the simplest way where digital art has experience in traditional drawing or painting which acquires directly in the different artistic world in the environment.

Source: Youtube

Media Hybrid Painting

Some drawing techniques have a digital painting that combines art and media where it creates a mixture of photographs in different types of art that can be created.

Manual Vector Drawing

This type of art creates some basic shapes such as squares, triangles, and circles that can achieve through mathematical equations which transform the shapes and lines.

Some vector drawings form through digital lines or logos which are used to create the fonts through processing software.

Source: Youtube

Dynamic Painting

Some paintings created by artists have further interference.

Source: Youtube

About the technical process used in creating Digital Painting

Sketch the outline

This is a rough sketch that creates a tablet and selects some color that chooses a rough brush to create an outline of the face and neck that has brush sizes that creates different strokes.

Fill the sketch with color blocking

This will apply the color with outline layers and creates a new layer.

Some colors focus on hair and clothing with orange, which fills with skin with a pale peach using a soft round brush which modifies Fuzzy, Hue, and Saturation that define the highlights on the face.

The hair is a pink color which has a set with low capacity, so the strokes can lay over each other.

Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/gUDNK8NqYHk

Add some colors

These have been started by choosing colors, through Hue/Saturation/Lightness by selective color.

Apply the gradient for blending and transformation for the proportion

Some tones have blended in the eyes that resize the texture of the brushwork which is used in the cheek and eyes.

Liquify the features will adjust the final color

Some filter has the parts of the eye, mouth, chin, nose, and hair which create some realistic changes which have some features.

About the software used for Digital Painting

Some top 5 digital art software which is used for creating digital illustrations are:

Adobe Photoshop CC

This software needs in digital form through drawing tools which have increased the quality that adds new types of features which has improved through existing tools.

Apple OS is UI which is the most notable feature of the Mac that has a lens with a feature that has considered the real effect on the objects.

Corel Painter 2020

Some Digital art moves with faster and improved application that has been performed which includes a better interface.

This Corel Painter has improved the painting process through brush tools which makes the users professional through photo-painting tools such as auto-painting panels, clone sources, and clone painting.

Clip Studio Paint Pro

This is the most popular software that comics and manga are photo-painting tools like panels, clone sources, and painting that have an interface and advance with an automatic performance which track the feature of thickness and density of lines and strokes.

This was originally changed into Manga studio, in 2013 but originated in Japan as unique software which has a lot of illustrations, and animators.


This is another open-source program that has been built through photoshop through computer graphics through digital images by editing the software.

Some free digital art software has been designed where the digital painting like photo editing, and text effects that have similar features.


Some features have improved by handling the gradient tool through digital water color where the minor improvements have incorporated which increase in the size of the tablet mode that has upgraded the layer of the duplication where the brush editor has improved scratch pad were before working.


Krita is a free digital painting program that is designed for cartoonists, and illustrators, where they have digital artists in the software which they need efforts to stay by the development of new features.

Some software is initially developed as a general image which donates to stay free from funding development of the new feature.

About the uses of Digital Painting

Some of the conceptual design which is used in the industry like film and television video games, and paintings were some software like Corel Painter, Adobe Photoshop, ArtRage, GIMP, and Krita which is used when artists use various types of colors like painting tools, mixing palettes, and other multitude objects which are present from illustrations.

About the samples of Digital Painting




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