What is Caricature?

About Caricature and what it is?

The word caricature derives from the Italian word “caricare” which means “to load,” or “to surcharge” with exaggeration that has been used.

A caricature is an image that shows some simplified or exaggerated through sketching of pencil strokes, and other artistic drawings which is insulting or complimentary to be drawn solely for entertainment.

French artist called Honore Daumier, who is also a printmaker is the “father of modern caricature”.

About the types of Caricature

Portrait Caricature

A caricature is an image that shows some features like sketching, pencil strokes, and artistic drawings.

Satire Caricature

The Caricature is a character that gives a combination of characteristics that is used to generalize the group of people.

Comedy Caricature

Caricature and Cartoon are graphic art with drawings for the purpose of cartoons that are used for conveying political commentary and editing in newspapers and magazines.

Grotesque Caricature

This style has decorative art which is characterized by style or structure that works similar to caricature that is embellished with grotesques.

About the technical process used in creating Caricature

The 5 types of creative caricature are:


Some have different facial body features which define your caricature design that focuses on features where people want to create a caricature.


Some features emphasize every caricature design that is different from the degree which has a lot of features that stand on the remote person which minimizes those exaggerated features.

Simple Shapes

Some features have large or small explores when it appears on the real estate in which a larger forehead has space between the people that has a smaller bridge to might appear to have on their eyes.

Visual Contrasts

This balance has been created through audiences by relationships and features that have the same size which get together about the attention.

About the software used for Caricature

Some of the best cartoon-making software for PC

Adobe Animate CC

It is a powerful tool that can use to create a variety of animated content, like includes cartoons, ads, games, and other interactive content which will help to create some impressive cartoons that will bring the handy creating process.

Adobe After Effects

This makes the software that leads the company through useful tools which create 2D animation that has powerful software where the graphics have professional visual effects that creates animation through tools.

Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/0VIhIRBX1tc

Photoshop Timeline

This tool allows for creating some cartoons by joining the Timeline panel which creates animation frames.

Render Forest

This is an online platform that works for software purposes and creates some different animations for different purposes through the whiteboard.

About the uses of Caricature

These Caricatures are made through an image that shows features by personality and behavior that simplifies where the physical appearance has been created through sketching, pencil strokes, and other artists along with the drawings that have a political purpose for the entertainment.

Caricature artists are popular which attracts some places that are frequented by tourists, where the caricatures have been sketched within a few minutes with a charge of fewer fees.

Even they have been hired for parties, where they can draw caricatures of the guests and do some entertainment.

About the Samples of caricature

Source: youtube




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