What e-learning Podcasts do you listen to?

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About e-learning podcasts and what it is?

These Podcasts are the distribution of audio files where streaming services are used in a digital audio file in technology that is created.

This e-learning podcast was created by Connie Malamedin in 2013.

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Benefits of podcasting

1 Easy to create

This audio software has created the podcast voice in a simple way where the notes are available on a smartphone.

2 22 Easy to distribute

This device can be uploaded where it can host an audio file through the podcast.

3 Regulations-free

This level of speech has been established through regulations, where some platforms are used, like television and radio.

4 Long-form

This media has a long structure that enables topics that are not prevalent in other media.

5 Informative

Some podcast analyzes and reviews focus on novels such as comedy, news, etc.

6 On-demand

These users access the podcasts where they listen through devices like working, driving, and exercising.

7 A valuable marketing tool

These marketing tools have some information about good opportunities that can be affected positively.

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Some of the best features of Podcast

These e-learning training facilities and professionals have kept the industry focused on management systems and online training.

1. The e-learning coach Podcast

Some graphics are written through brain science which is applicable in learning the executives in innovating their ideas.

2 Rod’s Pulse Podcast

Rodney Murray has sponsored the educators that deliver the upcoming trends and interviews on the knowledge of the resources.

 3 The good practice of Podcast

This instructional designer has a wide variety that relates to e-learning design where corporate training has been gamified.

 4 The online course coach Podcast

These online materials are designed effectively through the contract which contains the designers of the series.

5 Some trends used in instructional design, educational technology, and learning sciences

Some instructional designs have been published through developments where a series of updates and hard work can find within the good space.

6 The e-learning guys

This professional experience ranges from social media learning and multimedia to creating visual objectives.

Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/-PnSpCHYKsw




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