Magic of A-E-I-O-U

About a, e, i, o, u

It is a phonic level of five-letter words that was discovered by Fed rick. It is a collection of vowels in the Roman alphabet.

Vowels are nothing but the collection of letters, which is nothing but the speech of sound in the vocal tract. a, e, i,o, and u are examples of vowels. For beginners like kids, these are the starting letters they have to study, which is their first step in the English language.

Meaning of vowels

It is a speech of sound in which when you open your mouth and the tongue which is in the middle of your mouth does not touch your teeth and lips. Such type of words is called vowels.

Using of Vowels

The starting letter of the English alphabet and the first vowel is “A” it is pronounced as

“An Apple” etc

The second letter in the vowel is “E” It pronounces as

“An Elephant” etc

The third letter in the vowels is “I” It pronounces as

“An insect”

The fourth letter in the vowels is “o” It pronounces as

“An Octopus”

The Fifth and last letter in the vowels is “U” It pronounces as

“An Umbrella”

In these vowels “An” has been used each of the vowels because it is an article.

The Importance of Vowels

Vowels should be perfectly formed when it is sung with the most beautiful songs and rhythms which make the voice astonishing. So that people can appreciate the beauty of the sound and personality of the emotional song.

Do we need vowels?

Vowels are important in the English language, which has the only consonants that can create a syllable to the word

It is also pronounced with more or less quality without any glide.

About A, E, I, O U working in Animation

The Eight Basic mouth Positions

For beginners in animating this is the most difficult task, because of the shape and the position depending on the character we have to do about the body movement and their facial expressions like eyes and ears, slowly the process will come to mouth.

First, we have to know how the mouth moves when we speak. Lots of shapes have been done within time. They have repeated the shapes depending upon the style of animation.

In this pic, we will come to know that the mouth is closed completely with tight lips ahead.

Through this facial expression, we can come to know that a few of the letters like” M”, “B” and “P” sounds

This can be made by opening the jaw which is closed to the mouth.

In this figure, we can see that mouth is opened and teeth are closed with a common shape

Some of the letters which are used in this facial expression are “D”, “C”,” K”,” N”,” R”, Z”, “G”

In this fig, the mouth is wide open and the teeth are completely closed.

Some of the letters which are used in this facial expression of the vowels like “A”, ”I”

In this fig, the mouth is wide open

The only letter which it fits in the facial expression is the second letter vowel “E”

In this fig, the position of the mouth is wide open

The letter which suits the facial expression is “’ E”,” C”,” K”

In this fig, the position of the mouth is small wide open with an elliptical shape

The only letter which suits the facial expression is the fourth letter of the vowel “o”

In this fig, the position of the mouth is open with the tongue against the teeth.

The letter that suites the facial expression is “L

In this fig, the bottom tip has been tucked into the teeth

The letter that suite the Facial Expression which is jammed under the teeth is “F”

It is high speech with the necessary shape and size which could be changed.



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