Illustration of Comic Book

About comic books and what it is

A motion comic is a mixed form of animation and comics that combine the panels expanded through sound effects, and voice acting.

Rodolphe Töpffer Swiss artist created a comic in 1827 with the first illustrated book.

About Illustration

These illustrators create images in graphics whereas comic books and strips have panels that have a subsequent story of the novels integrated into the text.

Some comic strips have a series of cartoons that narrates in nature which can be presented in image and text through style.

Benefits of comics books for children

Some comics make it easy for children who love to read books that are based on movies and television with visual text that helps them to know the emotions through images of a comic book.

Those children, who face difficulties while reading, find it easy to read the sentences through visual and text videos with images based so that they can identify the words comfortably.

Children need a lot of observation and concentration while reading so that they can focus on their better results which leads to valuable success that increases between them.

Some people think comic books have a lot of opportunities to strengthen their values and vocabulary skills that have a chance to combine the information from the pictures through the text.

Some events touch their life through positive relationships and provide different types of learning.

Children of different ages have a habit of reading books or novels during bedtime to increase the levels of their bond between comedy and drama which is useful in their reading levels.

Comics during the time of animation

X men Animated Series

These characters when having good show-making which audience believe show make that depends on animation which has amazing characters with fantastic storylines.

Harley Quinn

Some of the heroes who are loved by everyone would wish to have their powers when they grew from kids to adults.



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