What is Storyboarding

About Storyboarding and what it is?

A storyboard is a graphic illustration or an image that is used as a sequence for the purpose of pictures, animation, motion graphics, interactive media, etc.

About the types of Storyboarding

Written Storyboard

These storyboards are used in the written format which is a set of rectangular frames that distinguishes through a voice-over script that provides the particular scene with visual notes, pictures, and symbols that are used in the characters of the scene.

Thumbnail Storyboard

These thumbnails are the first sketches, and storyboards where some small images are also called quick images that are used in the scene which have a relevant script section through a particular scene.

Animatic Storyboard

This is a slide show of images that are used through rough sketches of scenes through sound effects which will play and animate by giving the ideas through filmmakers with live-action sequences.

In this storyboard, some scenes are going very hard to work with still images.

About the technical process used in creating Storyboarding

Draw your blank thumbnails

These thumbnails are very important in the storyboard which has blank squares or rectangles that illustrates the images which represent the story of the scene through actions.

Add the title to your scene with the name and action

When thumbnails are blank, and then start filling the title with the scene with actions that will be taking place in each box and any script that corresponds to the scene that describes explaining the action.

Start Sketching

Some storyboard gives ideas that look visually highly detailed that give the overall sense that happens in each and every thumbnail.

It is very critical to assess and adjust

Some storyboards have a critical eye, which is recommended for the questions to suggest and ensure the story which makes sense needs to be added or edited.

Start Production

It has some work through the daunting task, where storyboards can benefit learners where it can work.

About the software used for Storyboarding

Movie Storm

This is a filmmaking tool that creates storyboards through various theme-based that provides different character.

Studio Binders

This creates the visualization to filter columns, and adjust scenes too, upload the images, which changes the aspect, through color code shots, with some notes, and more with collaboration to preview the project through the platform to show the team in presentation mode.

Frame Forge

This software has high-end technology through various bundles that can be increased with complexity and price levels with accurate equipment spaces.

Power Production Software

This storyboard has some solutions, through complexity which offers customizable characters that represent when the character imports, with animations.

Storyboard Fountains

This user interface had focused on going from script to visuals where the sketches look quite sharp, with open-source.

About the uses of Storyboarding

Some storyboards are used in production where this visualization requires in professional settings.


This is used for film production that is very essential through larger sketchbooks that sketch the film through creative point-of-view which is used by cinematographers and television advertising clients.


Storyboards have some different place in the theater where it is frequently used in pre-production for the tools which is required for directors and playwrights to understand clearly through layout scene.


These are used in animated projects where it consists of good ideas about the scene that will look and feel in full-motion which will allow the directors to work on the screenplay, so they fix the issues that occur through the storyboard.


This plays an important role in advertisement and pre-production of campaigning with some influence that includes commercial production, films, and video games created with digital technologies of the association.

Comic books

This storyboard can be used for scripting comic books, where the characters can be shown in the story that look with style.


These storyboards have presentations like advertisement campaigns, commercials, events, and proposals that develop through consumable resources, which determine some metrics, and performance through optimization.

About the samples of Storyboarding




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