What is Animation? Definition and Types of Animation

Definition of Animation

Animation is a creation of models used in moving images where illusions, drawings, models, and puppets, are created through realistic movies that are computer-generated and represent the image of an object.

The French artist Émile Cohl created the first animated film and was called “The Father of Animation”.

About the Types of Animation

Traditional animation

This is the first type of animation which is also called cell animation that is hand-drawn and can create through the animators where frames are transferred into sheets used as paintings and techniques and principles used in the old days.

2D Vector-based animations

These are used as digital puppets where characters are built through the system of bones that controls and manipulates the 3D character which is hand-drawn in 2D techniques with the same character.

3D computer animations

These are called CGI used as digital characters that create action films and video games through key frames which are used as digital puppets through characters.

Stop motion

These are real-world objects that create and manipulate the sequence of frames that illustrates the higher-end where it is rigged through the miniature stage.

Motion graphics

It is the process of creating the programs used as editing the software based on the presentations on moving text, logos, and basic illustrations used as both 2D and 3D through a proper character which involves texts, animating images, and video clips.

Importance of animation

These animations express their feelings and thoughts with distinctive content understood by children and adults that cannot be published through live-action films.

Role of Animation in different Fields

This type of communication has a lot of skills used in sharing of the individuals with positive and exciting things which can see animation in our daily life

The use of Animation impacts our lives

Some entertainment and IT markets that have increased animation use have opened the way to make a living by making interesting and imaginative animated videos.




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