What is Game Art?

About Game Art and what it is

It is game development where some process creates the artistic aspects for video games where artists are involved in the game where it makes rough sketches of the characters.

About the types of Game Art

2D Pixel Art – These pixels were used in basic shapes where some characters draw in a digital image which is combined to form a single object that is used in animation video games.

Vector Art – Some vector images have digital programs which turn into pixels, and algorithms that are stored in data were polygons, dots, and lines, which are used as color data that has high quality and used as an image file.

Cutout Art – Some style of pictures is set on paper where the digital character can be imported from cutout that can be created in the game’s world through static which can be moved in action and motion and can be placed instantly.

CelShading Art – This style of art has developed the game with different styles of 3D models and objects from one angle in which some objects and characters maintain a high level but lose their volume.

Monochromatic Art – Some artwork and designs are called monochromatic where the color palette is used in a wide range of shades and tints that can be distinguished between objects, of an image that has a common choice.

Flat Art – This design presents the objects, and characters, which some artists have designed their volumes that represent cel-shade titles with an incredible amount of artistic freedom in their work

Doodle Art – This art is defined by certain characteristics which have some unique look that is focused on doodle images which tend to have an abstract, and composition that is related to characters and objects that appear together in available space.

About the technical process used in creating Game Art

Discovery – Some ideas turn into a game when these discovery stages have identified scope which depends on the project that consists of a solution and architect, game designer, and art director.

Production – Some characters have been designed through gameplay, where the objects, have some initial ideas that are always rendered in reality, through game testing and improvements that continue even when the game is released.

Testing – Every feature and game mechanic requires testing for the quality control that conducts stress tests by running the crash of the game which is complicated and easy enough for Alpha launch.

Release – Some errors spend in debugging which are found in the testing stage and bug squashing were the developers that launch in making the video.

Post – Release – Some game development processes that fix the bugs by creating the patches, and events that contain some video games after the launch, eliminate these bugs. Gaming studios also rely on players to submit bug reports or speak up about bugs in online forums.

About the soft wares used for Game Art

GIMP – Some shapes like rectangles and triangles, utilize the game proofs in some players that will make simple paint tools which are sufficient through different styles with good color.

These photoshops comes with a frame-to-frame animator but to turn your animations into a sprite sheet you need customs scripts. Using a dedicated pixel art tool is also much cheaper than using a Game Maker the built-in sprite editor has all the features you require.

Qubicle – Some objects are visible in this game, whereas other models consist of tiny blocks where the pixels of 3D art can be started with a canvas that is placed on cubes as an editor which is open-source.

ProBuilder – These are the specific uses of 3D games which will blend in 3D programs that are going to become simpler art style for rebuilder which supports extruding, mirroring, and vertex coloring, which uses all kinds of models that is the best in which the editing.

Adobe Animate – This program is used for flash games that include drawing tools that are used as a vector over pixel art that can scale as big as you want without seeing degradation in quality.

About the uses of Game Art

Some objects like buildings, weapons, vehicles, and other characters can create the 3D components of a game which can be done by a 3D modeler were environmental artists are also called 3D modelers they work on the environment of the game and work on their texturing and colors.

About the samples of Game Art

Shotgun vs Zombies – Some screenshots, in which android games, are used in cartoon games with a horror theme, which is used in a suitable zombie shooter game.

Some of the horror themes, which are used in the zombie shooter that is used in the background with some adjustments

Stacks of Defense – Some games that are used in-game interfaces which suit the nicely futuristic game themes




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