What is Comic Book Designing?

About Comic Designing and what it is?

It is the creation of drawings where stories can be formed through editorial or humor cartoons, like newspapers, magazines, etc.

About the types of Comic Book Designing

  • Alternative comic book

These books are more realistic than superheroes which do not have in real life. Some think they enjoy reading these comics which are educational that are based on history.

  • Manga

Manga comic books were introduced in Japan, where some books were translated from Japanese into English where the comic books and styles are often produced in countries other than Japan.

  • Scientific Fiction /Fantasy

These books have futuristic stories that incorporate advanced technologies used to travel through space whereas comic books have superpowers used as weapons.

  • Action Comic books

This involves some characters that do not have special powers and have a lot of experience when they detect one of the stories which focus on their battles against the criminals.

  • Horror comic books

Horror comic books have some characters like themes of a comic strip which is found in the newspaper that crosses into many genres of books.

  • Romance/ Adult comics book

These books involve some stories where love and relationships, and have some romance that is common in children’s very helpful books.

About the technical process used in creating Comic Book Designing

  • Start with an idea

Some storyteller has the best tool where an idea will pop, and we can get the idea that is not realized.

  • Writing the script

Some comic books work on their story by setting the script which is not expensive by simple text editor which they are looking for more writing.

  • Planning the layout

When the script completes through drawings in the layout it works when the goal is about to reveal and gets interested when it turns the page.

  • Drawing the comics

Some works that form traditionally or digitally, while others draw in the comic where the different task of the process, that doesn’t work which is perfect and gets focused on getting the comic removed when you work it perfectly.

  • Choosing the right tool

Some digital artist is specifically designed for the artists in making the comics when it feels that it is entirely natural.

Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/6tQ_sXnsYzM
  • Time for inking and coloring

When u have drawn the comic thus inking and coloring are necessary for the two tasks which are not needed to be done by the same person.

  • Lettering

Some comics create the letter through the story by illustrations when it is messed up about the people reading where some handwritten letter has sound effects that have been installed.   

  • Selling and Marketing

Some social media sites have created daily posts about what can get from the sales pest; when then they need it through marketing pitches.

About the software used for Comic Book Designing

These creations are having traditions where the art has intellectuals who are used to drawing the stories in sketchbooks that have some artists, which have bookmaking software that helps in creating comics.

  • Clip Studio Paint Pro

Some software creates Manga comics that require the tools can be drawn in different kinds of objects, which have essential faces, hair, that has and expressions on their faces.

  • Clip Studio Paint EX

Some comic characters and objects provide the software which has built-in animation through features by comics that has pre-drawn 3D figures which change the body position of the character.

  • Pixton

This software is used in comics where education and family are different versions of the software that is available for different uses.

  • ToonDoo

This software is a user-friendly device that provides some creative in-built characters, which can customize by using the same tool which creates the cartoon and comic books.

  • Comic Life 3

This software allows different kinds of images through sources, which give them an animated effect in the story.

About the uses of Comic Book Designing

Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/rNNmnC67h7g

Making the benefits of Comics

Some beautiful comic strips create some tools that provide the characters through bubbles with background objects that can be printed and saved on in disk which can be shared with others through email.

Comic Creator

Some students design their comic strips where backgrounds, characters, and props that require visual illustrations.


These comics create using a drag and drop option by editing the characters including dynamic panels, props, and speech bubbles, which can be controlled through click-n-drag motion.

Witty Comics

This provides a set of pre-designed characters, scenes, and dialogue boxes that will execute the story that and save the work.

About Storyboard

Some storyboards provide more features than the tools mentioned above. Students can choose from scenes, characters, shapes, text tables, and even upload their images to use in their storyboards.

About the samples of Comic Book Designing

Some have shared the storyboard that has been created through conversation with some suggestions from others in the community.

Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/27kCu7bXGEI




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