p66.me is one of the most interesting design studios in the world

The story of P66’s development is much of a muchness to other business success stories.  P66.me is an independently-owned design studio that was incorporated in 2011. The P66 believes in inactivity, advancement, and development. This studio has accomplished various breakthroughs in its active years; nothing kept looking for more and more.

This studio’s work incorporates graphics, 2D & 3D services, Character Designing, Concept Art, and Sketching. The creators of the studio work and distribute as the chief contact for every client. This gives back the belief that extraordinary designs cannot be done without craving, excitement, brainpower, and above all personal commitment.

P66.me is a 2D and 3D Animation and creative agency set in the heart of Delaware, USA. The team has great illustrators, animators, and designers who create distinctive and delightful visual content for online, broadcast, mobile platforms, and printing. This studio believes in producing unforgettable experiences through the assembling of creative disciplines and offers a complete set of production services to screen from scripts. Along with the 2D & 3D Services, they provide us with their services like motion graphics, Storyboarding, and post-production, all under one roof.

Do you want some genuine, absolute, and wonderful 2D animation work? P66 Studio can provide you with the professional and standard performance of the task. P66 works remotely with their clients wherever the clients are in the world, and take advantage of time zones to successfully deliver quality work to global clients. This USA-based animation studio puts originality and quality design when doing everything from the heart. They also supplement their work with their own crew, design studio, and professional kit.

This design creative agency has talented designers and animators who will work to certify your business animation is marvelously suited for your audience and goals. No matter how complex and difficult is your project; they will do it comfortably and smoothly.

This digital animation studio has hands-on wonderful hand-drawn character animation and corporate animation. To ensure your business animation they work out with their latest design ideas, tools, and techniques and stand out from the crowd with their highest quality work.

2D animation is fruitful means to attract customers. Consolidating components such as characters, designs, and colors, vision mediums qualify trademarks to interface more to their identity to make them impressive. These are done by the P66 animation studio. The design business and communal videos with thrilling transformation, dashing storytelling, and cinematic production value.




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Headquarters in Newark, DE, United States of America. And has a production facility in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. P66 is one of the Best 2D & 3D Production mushroom-sized Creative Agencies. Aiming to provide the Best Creative Services at a very affordable cost. P66 is a studio which is specialized in Traditional & Digital Types of Animation. It has provided contributions in the areas of 2D Animation3D AnimationMotion GraphicsFree-hand drawingDrawing & IllustrationDigital Comic BooksDigital 2D PaintingConcept Artistry Drawing2D & 3D Game Designing, and E-learning for kids To provide a FREE Consultation about services of P66 do reach us on +1 (914) 247-7791 or Email us on: Reply@p66.me