Comic books – over the years how they changed

As time flew comic books also changed significantly. The changes in the comic books happened because of the advanced technology, some due to the character’s natural evolution and keeping in mind the audience’s necessity and providing them with what they are looking for exactly. These changes made comic books more popular than they are today.

Firstly, look at the artwork how over the past years the art of comic books and their stories has changed excellently. The artwork was good for many years, these days the artists have started using tools and technology so that they can qualify themselves by giving better quality work. Technology has proved and has given good results in graphics production and artwork. The highest quality, printed on the best materials of artworks is what getting for comic book readers.

Over the years we have seen there are changes in the characters and storylines. In the early days, many of the stories were about suspense, and crime, and the superheroes were Superman and Batman. And then there came a challenge for horror comics. Then, the industry introduced some new characters to the world like Ant-Man and Spider-Man.  

The progression of comic books isn’t minimal to comic books themselves completely though. They have gone on to motivate in many other areas including television series, movies, games, and commodities in several formations. It shows not just how powerful comic books, their stories, and their characters have not only been but even today they are progressing.

There are four major ages of comic books from which we can frequently classify when these comic books were published. Each age has a separate feel and humor to them.

The four major ages for comic books are:

Golden Age (1938 – 1956) the #1 publication Action Comics was appreciated in Golden Age and introduced Superman and the superhero in general. And in this era, we see the introduction of Robin, Flash, Batman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Captain America, Aquaman, and many more superheroes, as well as many other comics such as Timely Comics (Marvel Comics), Detective Comics (DC Comics), were the comics of this age. And we can see in these comics these superheroes are fighting America’s real-life enemies such as Hitler.

Sci-Fi, Westerns, and Detective Stories started to appear in the late 1940s.


Silver Age (1956 – 1970) – in this age comic books became popular sources of entertainment in America, and they hit their footstep. Comic books started losing their superheroes’ popularity at the end of the Golden Era and the starting of the Silver Age, but they speedily rose back to their demand once the tranquil of comic books began to be more close to modulate in fear of motivating more juvenile hooligan from questionable content and found there place in mystery genres and horror. This is where in August 1962 the comics started to rise and at #1 Fantastic Four began as well as Spider-Man at #15 in Amazing Fantasy.

Bronze Age (1970 – 1985) – The Comics Code Authority began to decline as the established titles began to tackle social issues of the day. Stories started to grow darker as superheroes faced higher posts. In this age, the comeback of supernatural themes and horror stories began. Black and female supporters started to play a major role in mainstream titles. Jaws herald and Star Wars were the blockbuster in this era. Hollywood’s studios started comic books as their inspiration. In 1978 critically and financially started smashing after the adaption of Superman.

Modern Age (1985 – Present Day) – the Modern Age, is continued to the present day which began in the mid-1980s and is identified by several trends, it commercialized the comic book publishers, by twisting plots, psychologically and with complex characters. Some argued that the Bronze Age overlapped with the early years of the Modern Age. In the early 1990s, a breathtaking boom took place. In 1993 X-Men became #1 and sold over 7 million copies.


By mid-90s The Bubble bursts in sales started decreasing. Marvel titles and DC sales continue to decline from the year the 1990s to the 2000s as the number of comic book readers started shrinking. By the year 2011 Justice League moved to #1 as a topmost comic bookseller. Media reinforcement reached publishers saying Marvel was purchased by Disney and DC Comics was purchased by Warner Bros.



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