How to make your own Comic Book Characters

A character is needed in every comic. Characters help justify your story and make it fascinating. To sell your story you have to be a dynamic and entertaining champion. Once you get a plan on how to draw the main character, you can work on the same procedure to draw the supporting characters and opponents.

Part 1: Inspiring and Sketching

Get innovation from your favorite comic books: Look at webcomics, newspaper comics, and even manga you will get inspiration to draw characters don’t limit yourself to superhero comic books. Try to learn how the characters are developed. Try to observe the art style. Inconsequential comics, the art may be realistic and detailed, but in joyous comics, it may be unrealistic and cartoonish.

Think about which type of comic you want to create. A comic is a mixed field. Some comics are published in the newspapers; some comics are serious. Many webcomics have complex and long-running somewhat more complicated.

Consider the type of comic you’re creating. The comic is a diverse field. Some comics are published in the newspapers, some are gag-a-day comics, and there are some which are more momentous. Webcomics are complex and their storylines are long-running with compounded characters.

Do some rough sketches of what your character may look like? Once you get an idea of what type of comic you are creating, do some rough sketching. Just seize a pencil and paper and start drawing the character. Draw the main character fascinating and enchanting, but keep in mind that you will be drawing the whole comic. If drawing is new to you, choose a simple design. Drawing helps you in identifying the character’s personality. Your character’s personality is defined by the clothes you are wearing.

Make a list of your character personalities. From here, start making ideas about your character’s personality. Before drawing into the final version make a note of who is your character? What does she or he like? For example, if you are creating a simple character like Garfield who is lazy and ironic you don’t have too many personalities beyond that. If you’re creating a more complex one, then you have to go to a deeper character like what are their positive and negative personalities. If you are working on fantasy-type prototypes then they tend to appear frequently in fiction. For example, who is patient, wise, and calm.

Part 2: working on the actual features of your character

Determine which tools you will be using to draw. Different tools are used by different artists. Before you begin with your drawing, make sure how you are going to draw it. Pick the tools on which you can work flexibly. Think about using electronic tools if you are tech-savvy. Adobe Photoshop is a tool that can help you gracefully in the process if you are enjoyably drawing on a screen. And if you like to do it traditionally, then use perfect paper and as well as pen and pencil.

Draw a primary body and face. Start with the fundamentals once you find your tools. Draw a primary outline of your character’s body. Draw a closer image of your character’s face. The face is where your character will represent emotions, and be sure that your character’s facial structure is locked down. First start drawing with some basic appearance, then fill them up with muscles, etc. The second step focuses on the person’s face. Which shape do you want to give oval-shape, heart-shape, or round-shape? Does it have a cleft chin or big eyes while drawing the physical characteristics? 

Redraw the personality’s body and face again and again. Most artists draw many styles of their characters before finalizing the design. Reconfigure and remodel the character many times until you get a design you like.

With various expressions practice drawing your character. Throughout your comic, your character must have a lot of expressions. Make a note of how many impressions you want to create. Basic expressions like mad, happy, and sad are enough for simple comics. More complex comics have confused, irritated, and hollow expressions.

Give a name to your character. Giving a name should be like something that attracts your readers. Your character’s name should speak about your character’s personality.



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