How to make an animated GIF in Photoshop

What is an animated GIF?

An animated GIF is a picture encrypted in Graphics Interchange Format (GIF), which contains a variety of pictures or frames in a single file and is delineated by its graphic management extension. The frames are given in a very specific order to deliver animation. An animated GIF will loop endlessly or stop after a few series.

The GIF style permits users to outline new blocks. Netscape designed the Netscape Application Block in the 1990s which specifies that the file is an animation and not a static image. Initially, it was supported in Netscape 2.0 and outspread to different browsers. It’s still in wide use nowadays.

Source: YouTube

How to create a GIF in Photoshop

When you use inventive software like Photoshop, it’s really easy to create a GIF. Whether or not you wish to form a GIF animation for university, for a job, or simply for fun, learning a way to add motion may be a good way to require your design to a succeeding level.

Let’s begin by doing an easy frame-by-frame animation, so we’ll flip that into a process GIF.

All you would like to start could be a series of pictures. The pictures may be something you wish — video frames, animation frames, even still pictures.

1. Upload your pictures and open every frame as a layer within the Photoshop file.

You can prepare your frames before, if you wish, in another program like Adobe creative person. Then, import the frames (source files) into Photoshop by getting to File > Load Layers. Opt for 2 or add files to load into a picture stack, add all the frames, and press OK.

2. Open the Timeline panel and choose Create Frame Animation

With your Photoshop layers open, go to Window > Timeline and click on Create Frame Animation.

3. Convert your layers into animation frames

Select build Frames From Layers from the menu within the right corner of the Timeline panel. This may enable you to require your layers and separate them into frames at intervals in the window.

Screen the animation by either pressing Play on the Timeline or operating the spacebar on your system. You’ll be able to play with the order of the frames by merely dragging them. Use the ash bin icon to delete a frame and therefore the sticky note icon to feature a replacement one.

4. Set your GIF to loop

Set it by clicking the repeat menu. Inside the Timeline, you’ll regulate however long every individual frame is on screen and judge however long the GIF ought to loop.

5. Export your GIF and put it aside

Once you’re pleased with your animated GIF, export it by choosing File > Export > Save for Web. Then make certain you put it aside as a GIF within the correct folder.



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