What is Illustration Design?

About illustration Design and what it is?

These illustrations have visual texts, where design is processed through digital media where magazines, books, animations, video games, and films have been utilized.

The first version of Illustrator was co-founded by John Warlock on March 19, 1987.

About the illustrations started during the olden days

Some cave paintings were invented during the time of illustrations. Lascaux and Altamira who are paleolithic artists used charcoal paintings that can be created to show the ability to draw realistically which explains the major styles that appeared before the styles.

About the uses of illustrations

These illustrations have been interpreted through visual explanation text where the process has been designed like media such as posters, magazines, books, animations, video games, and films.

About the different types of Illustration

Some illustrations are used for the visualization through the different types:

Editorial illustration

These illustrations have expressed an idea through text, where the books, magazines, newspapers, or web resources have been utilized.

Advertising illustration

These illustrations are used as promotional material which is used without text that expresses the strong ideas easily.

Fashion illustration

This is used to visualize the piece of clothing through a creative process where it can be drawn before work to promote their product and show it in a special style.

Technical illustration

These accurately depict an object that simplifies and understands the images and beauty that are important.

Packaging illustrations

These help to sell their product through companies where they can grab the attention of the viewers which helps to define the brand.

About illustrations are used in Animation

These illustrations are used as images, whereas the paintings or sketches are used through art and design which is the opposite, through scientific and technical illustrations.

Whereas animation has a simple way of illustrations which together form a moving graphic with the illustration is having the pages together which flip-book when it becomes an animation.




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