What is Cartoon?

About Cartoon and what it is

It is a type of illustration that is typically drawn, through animated with an unrealistic or semi-realistic style with several expressions where illustrations, drawings, art, and animated films are used.

These are also referred full-scaled drawings through various forms of fine art.

Émile Cohl, the father of the animated cartoon, is also a French cartoonist and animator.

Source: www.freepik.com

About the types of Cartoon

Political Editorial Cartoon – This drawing is made up of conveying the editorial through commentary on the politics and some current events like cartoons which play an essential role in the society that provides the freedom of speech and press.

Source: www.freepik.com

Comic Strip/Panels – This panel is made up of a border that wraps around a single moment in comics and contains an illustration that puts forth an idea for each panel.

Gag Cartoons – This is a single-panel cartoon, which includes a caption of the drawing where the cartoon carries some dialogue that appears in speech through balloons, following the common convention of comic strips.

Illustrative Cartoons – A caricature is a rendered image that shows the features which are simplified through sketching, and pencil strokes through other artistic drawings. 

Source: www.freepik.com

Animated Cartoons – It is a set of cartoons with a common series that is related to one another characters that are typically shared through basic themes which have a finite number of episodes.

About the technical process used in creating Cartoon

Drawing a Cartoon Character

Some details which need to be included – There are some descriptions to draw the cartoon character and features including the sketch for the reference creating the work.

Sketch the shape of the character on paper with a pencil – If you take paper and pencil and sketch lightly it forms a round shape when the character is highlighted through the drawing effect.

Add some details for the sketch to start – When the character starts to take shape, by adding some key features which seem more realistic use a pencil lightly and add the features, objects, and clothing, that are unique in a cartoon character.

Fill the face with the help of a sketch – Some faces of the cartoon character, give the feature of adding the nose, ears, and other facial features you plan to include. Put an expression on the character that fits their mood and personality through the sketch.

Add some shade to the lines with the depth of the character – These lines are filled to make the image appear in full size where the shading can be given more depth and dimension to the character on paper.

Color the sketch and add shading to bring it to life – Some paints and colors that will fit with the style of the cartoon character will bring the character to life through sketches.

About the software used in Cartoon

Some cartoon software and websites have been created for making cartoons, and movies with fine work hand-drawn from the web and software.

Even a corporate professional will make use of cartoons in a variety of instances, through presentation posts to social media, which needs the best tool to bring out the idea.

Pencil 2D – This tool includes drawing-oriented, which is open source through the professional interface, which can be started through the native sense that includes the multi-layer support for the animation.

Cartoon Maker Zones – This is used for educational purposes which are used for making cartoon maker zone that creates superhero cartoons with the interface, through a basic level of customization which is available throughout the web app.

Pixton – This platform share comics that don’t expect to create in professional-level comic or cartoon by using Pix-ton by selecting the size of the cartoon, and the background where the story is set to pick the number of characters and start working through comics, which will bring some resources, that includes icons and actions which will publish on the screen, to download it.

Artoonix – This software reduces the huge costs with other reliabilities of the cartoon that can save from cartoons that create static cartoons with animated movies that will built-in support for the audio-track through file exports.

Source: www.freepik.com

Inkscape – This is not for the beginners who have zero technical knowledge about vector graphics which is a fully-fledged vector graphics designer, that requires some experience and expertise with Inkscape that will never compromise cartoons when it comes to quality.

About the uses of Cartoon

These cartoons are used for political and editorial in the newspapers for comedy and visual through magazines.

Some cartoons come into our lives when we must watch “Aeon Flux” which changes our minds from the busy life. Some dynamic animation characters have a lot of fun like the cartoon stars like Tom and Jerry.




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