What is Caricature Art Design?

A caricature is a drawing of an actual person that deceives or emphasizes specific characteristics but remains the same: in different words a highlighted piece of portrait art.

These caricatures show the images and feature simplified through sketching, pencil strokes, and other drawing artists.

It is outlined as a drawing with a comic book hint or a portrait in cartoon kind.

The word ‘caricature’ is an Italian word, which derives from ‘caricare’ as ‘to load’, and ‘to surcharge’. In the year 1600 caricature appeared in Italian art in the work of Annibale Carracci.

Gian Lorenzo Bernini, a skilled caricaturist, introduced the word caricatura in the 17th Century when he went to France in the year 1665.

The purpose of Caricature

Caricatures have their functions and are typically employed in editorial items to ridicule or make fun of politicians. They’ll be drawn to go with a distinguished media figure.

Most caricatures have a touch of humor and are used a lot to induce chuckles from the readers. Similarly, they’re created generally by celebrities, widespread public figures, politicians, etc.

Unlike a portrait, a caricature creative person distorts or enhances a portion to indicate a variety to the audience.

Moreover, caricatures of historical figures are a supply of data for historians and academics.

Image source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/hand-pointing-at-drawing-10474131/

Difference between Caricature and Cartoon

While caricatures and cartoons are 2 completely different art forms, most people are usually confused and think they are similar.

A cartoon is an imagined character drawn, to form and imply fun. A cartoon is fabricated from a person, animal, bird, or something. The cartoon will amend or extend its boundaries until the imagination of the creative person. Caricature could be a cartoon created by employing a person as a model and is additionally created for fun; however, its look in the main depends upon the appearance of the initial person whose caricature is formed. Caricature solely could be a distortion of some options of the person, therefore as a full, the person still is known.

How to make a caricature

Making a caricature needs art skills; however, it’s not difficult if you’ve lined all the fundamentals. Have all the instrumentality – sharp pencils, erasers.

It is great if you use different quality pencils since the pencil kind can verify the standard of the drawing. It’ll facilitate if you employ more durable pencils for the nose, chin, mouth, eyes, and also the subject’s structure.

In distinction, you must use softer pencil lines for detail like wrinkles.

Source: YouTube

1. Choose a Subject

Use a transparent image of your subject as a guide for creating the caricature.

One image might not be enough, thus you’ll use five to eight footage to grasp your subject’s options.

2. Determine what to enlarge

Then, notice what elements you just need to elaborate on or provide an impulsive bit. You ought to elaborate on more than one part, just as the nose, hair, eyes, etc.

3. Draw an outline

Draw a rough sketch of your subject and its distinctive head form.

Also, create a rough sketch of the body, and later you can add the sort of garments that your subject typically wears.

Image source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/artist-drawing-caricature-of-smiling-couple-380709/

4. Draw other features

After outlining, draw other features of the subject’s face like exaggerating the forehead, and nose.

5. Eyes

If the subject’s eyes are wide, you can express their feelings by giving them animated eyes.

Image source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/a-person-doing-caricature-4649254/

6. Nose

Drawing a nose is not a difficult task. Maximum people have long, small, big, thin noses you have to just exaggerate their noses.

7. Mouth

After the eyes, the mouth plays a vital role in drawing caricatures. Think what is the shape of your subject’s lips is having and what feeling you wish to specific through them.

Image source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/an-artist-doing-drawing-on-a-white-paper-4649282/

8. Wrinkles

Wind up your caricature by giving some wrinkles on the face.


Now that you understood what a caricature is, the purpose of the caricatures, and the difference between caricatures and cartoons, you will be able to create them easily.

To learn more about how to draw caricatures you can take courses. You can learn caricatures by creating your family, and friends with distinctive head shapes.




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