Tips for making awesome whiteboard animations

Some of the whiteboard animation tools simplify drawing the characters, whereas the inexpensive story is effective in the other way where some of the explainer videos can be used.

1 Add a fascinating story

Before creating an animation or putting in fancy characters, you must have confidence in the story. The story is just like the heart of your video. You’ll be able to escape with a mediocre-quality video; however, nobody can follow your clip if you have got a tousled story.

Every explainer video script should have a hook, story, and decision to action. If you are not a specialist, you need to take advice from a copywriter or learn the art.

2 Creating the animated characters

The character’s animation plays a huge role in creating the video pleasurable. Characters are the cord that keeps your story realistic – they’re what provide continuity. Decide enchanting characters that are suitable to your story. Animated characters add a private approach, creating your video participation unforgettable.

3 Keep the video in the traditional way

The style of individuals and technology has evolved considerably over the past decade. You’ll be reading about all of those things for a minute, however, keep in mind – these are the fundamental characteristics of whiteboard animation videos. The standard type of whiteboard video continuously has 3 things:

  • the drawing hand
  • the white background
  • the continuous drawing

This is what provides it a recognizable vogue, and although you’re allowed to feature some personal details, you must keep things ancient.

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4 Add some colors for personal details

A traditional whiteboard video is all regarding black ink drawing and an obvious white background. However, the recent whiteboard animation video contains several colorful characters, and there’s no hurt in adding them. The colors can create the video exciting to look at. Learn the physiology of individual colors. Then, decide on colors that seamlessly mix with your complete characters to deliver a strong message.

5 Drawing hand

The point of a whiteboard video is that a creative person is drawing your story in real-time. A whiteboard animation video is therefore helpful in convincing individuals to require action owing to the drawing hand. You’ll be able to omit the drawing hand, however, detain mind that it’s the hand that contributes a great deal to the effectiveness of the video.

6 Add Emotions

As we know, people make decisions of buying things based on their feelings, not on logic. You’ve to gift a reason to your audience to require action – this could be to share the video or purchase a product. In your video’s nature, you must add emotional lines. It may be happy, fun, empathetic, and so on. Use your audience’s emotions in your favor, this could be done by adding components to the story that may bring back the ‘good recent days’ to create your video way more unforgettable.

7 Interconnected with the drawings

A well-done whiteboard video can invariably keep your audience interested; as a result, they’re going to invariably be curious about what comes next. Why? As a result, they’re looking at how the story is being drawn, however, it takes form, and thus it’ll keep the spark of interest in your viewers, making anticipation. Whiteboard videos imply a continual and interconnected drawing, not individual ones. Of course, you’ll most likely have to be compelled to clean the whiteboard generally, however, try and do that as few times as potential, as a result of it may break the story into too several items, creating you to lose your audience’s attention. This is often one of the explanations why you ought to go digital with whiteboard videos it’ll look most a lot of skilled, however, it conjointly enables you to have a canvas as huge as you’d like – thus rather than erasing your drawing all the time, all of the drawings interconnect with one another.

8 Importance of education in entertainment

Some of the characters are relatable through drawings, and the stories have an interesting subject for success in good entertainment, with faster and deeper videos through powerful learning tools.

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9 Reading the video script loud

The purpose of the script in a very whiteboard animated video is to sound as if it’s being the same to your viewers. It should sound natural, and reading it aloud can assist you to make sure that the voice inflection, speed, and stress on bound words are as natural as attainable.

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