Art is close to our Heart

About art and what it is

The earliest art originated from an individual’s thoughts through emotions, beliefs, or ideas through sense which can be worked through art.

It is the process that arranges which senses or emotions encompass the creations and thinks the ways of expression, which include music, literature, film, sculpture, and paintings.

French artist and Painter Paul Cézanne are known as the Father of Modern Art.

Art As We Know It Today

During the 20th century, our art has mainly contemporary with few artists that have frequent tradition and classic beauty which tries to reflect reality and tries to give expression to their inner world and feelings.

Why Art Is Good For Your Heart

One of the world’s oldest first cave paintings that have a lot of stories, battles, hunting, and even love has been dated back 65,000 years.

On the left side of the brain, it is called the sad brain. While on the right side of the brain it is full of shine with brightness and goodness that might even see the happy face which is creatively satisfied.

When the average brain, has around 60,000 thoughts a day which is the same it finds the brain with mental restoration in imagery.

The scientists that have been involved during the process and how it being creative can keep our brains healthy right into very old age.

How art is related to the heart

This art has also been shown to very good improvement in the heart rate which is an important measure of health that can we can adapt to changes both in our brain activity and the environment.

The Heart is a symbolic organ that is present in the history of art, religion, and mysticism.

They are the oldest representations of the heart from the Ice Age with Egyptian, Greek, Roman, and Native American people that are considered.

During the 18th century, our heart has become a romantic symbol, with home to feelings of love. This Valentine has been related to St. Valentine’s Day to lovers.

In the Medieval age of Europe, this has been transformed into the symbol of the heart, due to the references to the organ the heart could often be found as a symbol of clarity and truth which practice of burying the heart separately from the body.

The heart which generates to form a relationship with love the world has symbolized the heart which was born in the Middle Ages.

Inspire Your Heart with Art

On January 31st, Nation inspires Heart with Art Day, which encourages the art in our lives which is existed both for its beauty and happiness that has different forms.

The Heart with Art Day inspires the effect in every form of appreciation in the form that inspires and encourages, that touches one’s soul, heart, and mind. This Day is the best to have a closer look at the art and find what the artist.

The Creation of images or objects which has visual arts marks the oldest document in the form of art that has been found in the first human art and Stone Age that developed with creativity.

It is also a form of communication that plays a major role in various aspects like entertainment for raising awareness.

During the time of lockdown art and drawings were given a lot of importance during the time of coronavirus

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, many people had expressed their way in art and stayed socially connected while keeping a physical distance.

A lot of people are spending their time at home due to lockdowns where the school is closed due to the coronavirus is hard, and some people pass their time through comics which is a great way of staying socially connected and keeping a physical distance.


“This illustration refers to everyone Can Feel Safe at Their Own Home, ‘which took almost more than a month to finish. This piece was inspired by stories told by people around the internet who have to stay with their abusive partner or toxic.

“Stay home, stay safe” and save the lives of your family and neighbors. You must protect yourselves and others because we are all like one family.

A tribute to all the workers who put their lives on the line to save!

Is that possible when it can be adored and taken for granted at the same time?

The animation is very easy and was loved by everyone and some films have huge popularity. Children like some of the characters they would love as iconic as Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny, and so on.

“We are all feeling small and stressed. So we need to take care of our mental health too. Stay home, stay safe, and also stay positive!”

Some movies and cartoons hold a special place in our hearts, as the technical skill goes for creating the animation. Those animated classics are just in an artistic manner.

The unique production has offered the other studios that have to expand which include the most major animation studios that worked on animation artists.

Animation is one of the few American art forms that have created a large in those early studios, and it has become a critical component of art, entertainment, culture, and business. This also exists as the greatest artists that have either worked in animation or have been inspired by its art.

Some of the Animation Art that are used in the 20th Century


Collaborate on a project that has created the pre-production of art by capturing moments from the film. Some of Dali’s paintings and sketches from “Destino” have toured museums and galleries from all around the world, which were created by lithographs, and serigraphs.


Patrick Guyton is one of the most exciting young artists that have worked to influence the Japanese gold-classic techniques which are one of the biggest influences on his artistic style in the background of animation.

He started as a commercial artist, in 1997, that has got the opportunity to work as a background painter for animation legend Chuck Jones.

Throughout his career, Jones has received eight Oscar nominations and won three Oscars, which were presented by an honorary Academy Award in 1996.

He later worked with other animation legends, including Robert McKimson Jr.—son of acclaimed animator Robert “Bob” McKimson—and Maurice Noble, the celebrated animation background artist who worked for Disney.

Guyton eventually left the animation industry to begin his career as a fine artist, but he will never forget the lessons he learned from some of animation’s greatest Golden Age geniuses.

Some background art, design artwork which is used as art, design artwork, and hand-painted production has expressed in the final animation every aspect of the production of an animated film.



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