Adventure Games and Mini Games

Origin of adventure games

The adventure game was originally started in 1970 when these games were adapted by the Cave, which has elements including storytelling, exploration, and puzzle-solving.

These Adventure games were designed by called Warren Robinett.

About Atari programs

This Program was created by Warren Robinett and is fully completely controlled by the creative direction that has been developed.

About Adventure games

An adventure game is a video game in which the player interacts with some of the stories that explore the puzzle-solving story in media, literature, and film.

About game designing


These Adventure games contain a lot of puzzles by decoding some of the messages that explore the new location by solving the new world of the game.

2D illustrations

This illustration is a famous style in which pixels are having a good style in the field which represents the square-based tiny small part of the character in the object that can be drawn in the digital image.

Slide show

This is also called a slide presentation with a series of pictures of information that is displayed on a large screen by using a video projector. The first slide shows were done with pictures is done in pieces of glass, through photographic film slides in the 1940s.

Real-time 3D

Real-time computer graphics or real-time is a field of computer graphics that can be focused on images.

Full motion video

In this video game, some of the techniques that can be pre-recorded in the video files can be displayed in the action of the game through motion.

About mini-games

This is a short computer game with is based on basic rules that can be played easily with a very small budget that is very hard to develop quickly with a lot of advantages such as education.

About mini-games used in Animation

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