What is Animation?

About animation and what it is?

Animation is the process of moving images through designing, drawing, making layouts, and preparation of photographic sequences that involve multimedia and gaming products.

The Father of animation is James Stuart Blackton who is a British filmmaker.

Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/13sk8LUVwMg

About the types of Animation

Traditional Animation – This is one of the oldest types of animation is drawn background on paper where some characters, layouts in series of motion by creating images that can be drawn or painted through celluloid sheets that can be photographed on the film.

Stop-motion Animation – This is very exactly to traditional animation which combines a series of images where photography can be captured through real objects through manipulation where artists can be photographed through frames that appears through animation.

Motion Graphics – It is a piece of animation where the illusion of motion is used to combine audio for different types of multimedia projects through electronic media technology which is dependent on the character of the story that makes elements, texts, icons, and images used in business or commercial purposes.

2D Animation – These Two-dimensional also called 2D animations where the art of characters are created through space whose backgrounds have width and height where technology has changed the field with a different perspective which has more effective.

3D Animation – 3D dimensional has a lot of generated space where some objects can be developed through images where the same frame of animation where it controls and manages by digital which makes the best development in the field of animation.

About technical process used in creating 2D Animation

In 2D animation, some processes create through the technical process are Storyboard, Audio, Animatic, Layout, and Rough drawings of the scenes that can be sketched by an animator.

Gathering some Information – Through video communications, some projects have explained creative information which encompasses an online call where the animation process can participate when the creative directors and scriptwriters are encouraged.

Concept & Script – This concept and script have video projects that create effectively through communicating messages to be delivered.

Length of the video script – The length of an animated video is 60 to 90 seconds which averages the amount through video script.

Voice over Recording – Some scripts and clients have the best voice of artists through a platform where the right chord of user and tone has paced the viewers in enough time and you have a brand that is easy going through simple over voice artist.

Storyboard – It is a hand-drawn sketch where the script can be described while playing scene-by-scene through visuals and actions where the clients directly design through transitions and progression in animation.

Visual Style – This style was created on the client’s guidelines with colored storyboards that were custom, are full-color images were shown including character design, eye candy illustrations, text, background color, and icons that create a style of icons that are based on sketches and colored illustrations that requires a lot of creativity.

Animation – Some animated explainer videos with illusion to create the visual style of voice in an engaging animated explainer video.

Music – It is time to set the mood through the soundtrack and its effects where the music composer creates an original piece.

Delivery – This animation process takes around 4-6 weeks whereas the 2D animation process has worked.

About the Software used for 2D Animation

Pencil2D is used in Windows, Linux, and OSX

This software is based on traditional animation and free software for beginners who do not require a lot of RAM is used to paint and sketch ink.

Blender 2D Animation software used in Windows, Linux, and Mac – This provides a 2D graphics application that develops various types of effects, games, and animated movies which helps in import and export.

Open toonz Software is used in Windows and OSX – This Rough Animator animation is used for Android which is easy to use and helps with exporting animations into GIF, video, and image sequences of applications given through applications for giving hand-drawn effects to their animations.

About the uses of 2D Animation

Some Animation creates 3D models through realistic models and diagrams.

Education – It gives an important role that helps in the growth of children through the intake through animation.

Entertainment – It is mostly used in animation which is loved by children to laugh for long periods of time. Some cartoons like Tom and Jerry make me laugh and entertained which was been created including movies Animation, etc.

Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/3A0bs74T8zc

Advertisement – It is a crucial part in which big company simplifies animation to attract an audience from all over the world through the web that creates animations to attract the audience and play the game from the website.

Creative Arts – This is used to produce the skill which is needed to achieve the grade through creative arts that are specified in creativity by presenting various diagrams and animations in presentations.

Gaming – This industry depends on animation without a model where the programmer starts by modeling, texturing, gaming, rigging, and lighting animators from students or professionals.

About samples of 2D Animation

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